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        Welcome To Our Website

        Hebei Xinxin wood group after 15 years of precipitation, is a company involved in artificial board, raw material forest, import and export, OEM processing and other industries, comprehensive enterprise group. Xin wood and Baileni owns two brands, the existing staff of 1100 people, the total assets of 1200000000 yuan, is the Hebei province forestry enterprises, science and technology enterprises in Hebei Province, the company adhere to the diversified development strategy.
        Its high-end brand Baileni is to establish long-term strategic partnership with Europe's top corporate Sweden Metso group and Steinemann group. With an annual output of three hundred thousand cubic meters, it subverts the traditional artificial board manufacturing, leading the industry cutting-edge, provide services for high-end customers. Is the production line to the north of the largest single capacity of the Yangtze River,
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        Service Hotline:4000-533-566


        Address:Room 1203, Ximei Building, Yuhua District, Shijiazhuang, Hebei

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